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  • Garage
  • Storage Unit 
  • ... & MORE!
We cover everything from de-cluttering your work space and home to creating systems to free your mind from having to remember where everything is, who to
meet when, and much more.
The goal of time management and organizational skills is not to spend the majority of your time ‘doing’  time management and getting organized.
Its purpose is to give you the freedom of time lost 
from being disorganized, so that you can spend the majority of your life doing what you love doing, whatever that is 
for YOU.        
      That’s why you want              to  Get Organized.
You need your energy for living in the PRESENT                     MOMENT, 
not remembering all of the stuff you have to do or where everything is at any given moment.                               Get Organized.
It is my belief that great organizing is fun, energetic, surprising and smart—and it should be accessible and affordable for everyone. When I talk about my dedication to good organizing, I don’t just mean how something looks, but also how it satisfies a need, how it simplifies your life, and how it makes you feel.  Staying in the Present Moment, being Mindful, enhances you and the life you want to live. Find out what drives my focus as a personal  organizer, a personal assistant, being Mindful and how each affects the other.   Hand in Hand.
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  • Organize your rooms ie; kitchen, closets, game rooms and home offices
  • Collaborate with you on what to save and what to eliminate
  • Take and donate your small unwanted items to charity and provide a charitable receipt
  • Arrange for related services to maximize living or home office space (e.g. carpenter, appraiser, dumpster)
  • Organize your paperwork and possessions in preparation for your move
  • Unpack and organize items in your new home
  • Create systems for processing your mail and paying bills
  • Organize your paperwork, files, and financial records
  • .......and  MORE!
  • Help sort, purge, categorize and  put  items back in a way that  makes the  most  sense to the  homeowner
  •  Discard unwanted items, either by  donating them to charity or  consignment  shop or posting  items  for sale on line
  •  Install bins, wall racks and cabinets
  •  Set up donation pick ups and yard  or estate sales to help off  set  the  cost of  the project
  •  Develop a system that's easy to  maintain
  • ........and    MORE! 

  • Dedicated to helping Seniors make a smooth transition
  • Assist you with developing a Master Plan
  • Get started early
  • Help you choose your moving method
  • Pack efficiently
  • Disassemble items for easier transport
  • Unpack and impliment a system of organization.
Let's Start Today


    This company is run by myself, the “individual”. You will always get to work directly with me and you will not be assigned any low paid subcontractors to do the work!
Tel.: 858-224-2824
Email: askjill@presentmomentorganizing.com
Residents and families 
of  San Diego
and it's neighboring cities
Let's Start TODAY
Let's Start Today